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Employed for 7 years for an e-commerce company specialised in furnishing and decoration, I am currently looking for a job in French Brittany.

I had the opportunity to work on many different tasks for my current employer: complete redesign of the logo, graphic charter and website, production of the graphic model (I worked in close collaboration with a the web agency Quai13 which made the HTML/CSS building of my graphic model and the development part), updating of the website and its contents, writing of web content, writing for a blog of decoration, production of many digital pictures: promotional images, banners, photomontages and contextual photos of products, newsletters, pictograms, etc.

At the same time I also worked on personal projects, with the production of several websites and digital graphics for various professional activities: Japanese restaurant, music groups, recording studio, foils manufacturer (for boats)...

A doubt? A question? Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project, your needs and the different possibilities available to you.
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Graphic creation: print and webdesign

I accompany you throughout your project and each step requires a visual communication properly thought out, designed and adapted to your project:
logo, graphic charter, visual identity, webdesign, poster design, flyers, illustrations, business cards ...
We define together your needs and the fitting solutions.

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In Design - Adobe CS6 Illustrator - Adobe CS6 Photoshop - Adobe CS6
Un graphisme = une identité

Visual identity

Visual creation is a reflection of your identity and branding: logo, graphic chart, colours, shapes, textures, composition... Everything is thought to represent your brand.

Créations originales ou refonte

Creation / Graphic redesign

I accompany you in your project and advise you, both for original creations and for graphic redesigns.

Support numérique et print

Digital & Print

I produce your visuals and your design as well for digital supports (web, social networks...) as for the print (posters, flyers, booklets, CD/book covers ...)

Websites and digital creations

I produce your webdesign and build it for the web.
Different solutions can be considered depending on the size of your site and the features you need: static or dynamic website, various CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop ...)

We can define together your positioning on the web and optimise your site for SEO.

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Un code valide

Valid encoding

HTML and CSS are validated by the W3C, for a sandard and impeccable rendering. Some projects must sometimes overcome W3C validation (to be defined according to your needs).

Un site adapté

A fitted website

I create a website to your measure: the format or the CMS is chosen according to your needs, and I explain you how to update your website.

Conception et ergonomie

Conception and Ergonomics

Your website is designed according to your content, in order to offer the user an optimal browsing comfort.