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Archives, between Histories and Memories

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The Aeda-UP (Association of Students and Archivist Graduates of the University of Provence) organises every year a study day open to the public
The theme of 2013, The Archives, between Histories and Memories, highlights the different points of view on History (from individual, official, and groups perspective...), the way they complement each other, their oppositions, and the way they are transmitted.
The poster had to highlight the multiplicity of points of view, and to present a serious aspect without being dreary.

Graphical approach

The poster is divided into four main areas: the title and three visuals. In many societies and philosophies the number 3 represents the totality, the Unity inscribed in the multiplicity, it is often a "perfect" figure.
The three colours used, recalling easily the three primary colours, contribute to this notion of Oneness. The pictures are not randomly chosen either:

  • The first photo represents archives, vector of transmission of the History at the same time official but also individual.
  • The second picture depicts soldiers during the 1st World War: they are the direct actors of the events, first source during testimonies or historical stories. They also represent a group of individuals with a history in common.
  • The third visual depicts Doisneau in his studio, as a photographer he is an external witness of events: he does not take part directly in the scenes that he immortalises, but allows their transmission from an individual and artistic point of view.
Study day poster Study day poster


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