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Black Whale is a recording, mixing and mastering studio for music groups and the production of their albums.
The studio required a visual identity (logo + graphic charter) as well as a presence on the web to enhance its activity.

The project is still in progress, we are currently working on paper communication elements (business cards, flyers, flyers, CD covers ...)

Visit the Black Whale studio website

Visual identity & logotype

The name Black Whale, evokes the spirit of the studio: the black colour is often associated with metal music styles, even rock and progressive - genres very popular with this studio.
This colour also represents nocturnal activities (often associated with music, concerts ...), but also the confinement that can be found in a recording booth.
The white colour brings a little more lightness, an impression of cleanliness and professionalism.

The typographic logo takes the name of the studio while incorporating a whale tail. The font used (Say It Fat) also reminds the whale, by its weight, its rounded lines, its full letters and the space it occupies.
For small spaces, the second logo will be used: it only shows the C and the whale tail.
The colours white or black can be used indifferently and depending on the background on which is the logo.


Logo Black Whale Studio Black Logo Black Whale Studio White Small logo Black Whale Studio Black Small Logo Black Whale Studio White


RVB : #000000
CMJN : 0, 0, 0, 255
RVB : #ffffff
CMJN : 0, 0, 0, 0

Character font

Say It Fat Open Sans
Mug Black Whale CD Master pour pressage Black Whale T-shirt Black Whale Cartes de visite Black Whale


The Black Whale studio needed a website reflecting its activities and allowing it to solicit new groups to record.
The appearance had to be clean, professional and elegant - it includes the graphic chart mentioned above with black and white,                      and incorporates grayscale to soften the final rendering and facilitate reading on the screen.

The site is responsive (Twitter Bootstrap), which corresponds to the expectations of the studio, as many of their customers use mainly internet on mobile devices.
The choice to use Joomla! (as well as Soundcloud players) was justified by the freedom for the studio to update its website themselves.

Visit the Black Whale studio website

Responsive with Joomla! and Bootstrap

Black Whale on Macbook Air Black Whale on iPad Black Whale on iPhone Black Whale Homepage

Website screenshot

Galerie photos Black Whale Formulaire de contact Aperçu typographique Pages news et projets du Back Whale


  • Website built with Joomla!
  • Responsive theme with the Bootstrap Framework
  • Image gallery and Soundcloud player
  • Contact form