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Dé is an e-commerce website specialised in the sale of sofas, indoor / outdoor furniture and decoration.
The old website was starting to be visually out of fashion, the logo suited no longer the spirit of the company, and technical brakes related to the e-commerce rental solution then used have altogether encourage Decostock to make a complete overhaul of the website and of its visual identity.

Visit the e-commerce Décostock website

Visual identity & logo

The new logo should be in the continuity of the old one (in order not to destabilise customers) while being renewed. It had to emphasise the two main aspects of the website: on the one hand decorating and on the other hand the promotional angle related to the destocking of sofas (the starting activity of the company which then diversified) .
So we chose to keep the square shape, but turning it slightly to give it a more dynamic appearance.
The choice of colours was made to match the two aspects of the website: the brown reminds us the old colour of the logo and represents the decorating angle, while the orange evokes promotions and the destocking part.

These two colours will be used on the website:

  • Brown and shades of beige serve as a base and general atmosphere
  • Orange is used to highlight promotions and destocking only
  • Blue highlights useful or rewarding information of any kind (including hover items, such as buttons)
  • Pink is only used for the add to cart button, or anything that directly affects the call to purchase.

The chosen font (Hero Light) brings a new lightness and will be used for the title tags of the website.


Logo Decostock Graphiqcal chart Decostock


RVB : #327389
CMJN : 82, 45, 35, 8
CMJN : 6, 41, 93, 0
RVB : #DC0032
CMJN : 7, 100, 86, 1
RVB : #8E796B
CMJN : 43, 48, 55, 11
RVB : #A79282
CMJN : 35, 39, 47, 3
RVB : #C1B1A7
CMJN : 25, 28, 31, 0
CMJN : 8, 9, 11, 0
RVB : #F9F9F9
CMJN : 1, 1, 1, 0

Character font

Hero Light Business cards Décostock

Webdesign: the graphic model

I completely produced the graphic model of the website, taking the elements of the graphic chart (see above). I added shades of beige and grey to structure the pages in a subtle way, in harmony with the brown hue of the logotype.
One of the objectives of the redesign was to lighten the appearance of the website, to clarify its content, and to make the navigation more ergonomic (thus improving the chances of conversion and purchase).

A lot of basic work has been done first, to review all the arobrescence of the website, to modify the organisation of the products and to simplify the product pages as much as possible.
One of the specificity of Décostock is to offer sofas with many customisation options, which make the products pages considerably heavy. So we made the choice to group the options in tabs, which also improves ergonomics (previously they were drop-down menus with little readability).
The many fabrics available are now visible thanks to small thumbnails (possible zoom).

We worked together with an SEO agency to optimise the organisation and ranking of the website. I also worked with the web agency Quai13 which integrated my model on Prestashop (+ specific development of the product configurator) to adapt my model to their technical constraints.

Visit the e-commerce Décostock website

E-commerce website with many features based on UI / UX

Decostock sur Macbook Air Decostock sur Smartphone Configurateur de produits - aperçu Decostock sur Macbook


  • E-commerce website built with Prestashop.
  • Product configurator specially designed (and subcontracted for its development) for the needs of the company.
  • Blog integrated into the website.

Graphical productions

Beyond the visual identity and redesign of the website, I also produced many visuals of all kinds for Decostock:

  • promotional banners,
  • photomontages to put certain products in ambience,
  • new logos for white-label products,
  • pictograms,
  • newsletters,
  • business cards...

Logos invented for white-label products

Logo Decostock Noord Logo Decostock Eken Design Logo Decostock Kumi Wood Logo Decostock Yuzu Living Logo Decostock Colca Sofa Logo Decostock Moengo Logo Decostock Sweet Home Logo Decostock Table Concept Logo Decostock Cuir Company Logo Decostock Deco-Rythme

Photomontages and setting in atmosphere

Original picture

Photomontage : original picture

Retouched picture

Photomontage : retouched picture