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The French Project Group is an artistic project carried by Alice Martinez. The quartet plays covers of jazz standards, with original and creative lyrics written in French by Alice Martinez.                     
The orginal aspect of the project is based on Francophone singing and lyrics whose meaning and offbeat universe are the strength.
The project requires special visibility to be able to be presented to the various grantmakers and in particular to highlight the videos, clips, pictures and recordings of the French Project Group.

Visual identity & logo

Alice Martinez, leader of the French Project Group, wanted to completely renew the look and design of the site. The graphic appearance of the new website had to be clean and simple (as most of the jazz singers websites) while evoking a dark and nocturnal environment (reflecting the lyrics mood).

The colours of the French flag, as well as the logo in the form of a blue, white and red tongue, had to appear on the site because they were key elements for the group identity.
A second logo, more conventional, had to be created in order to be used for serious contexts. I decided to keep the colours blue-white-red, and to associate them with a musical aspect.
The brackets represent the French language, associated with the colours that highlight the francophone aspect of the lyrics. The note reminds the musicality on which the lyrics are wrtten.
The other colours are black and dark gray for the background of the text (for easier reading).

I also worked with the photographer Philippe Ordioni for the CD cover (also on the website homepage).


Logo French Project Group colours on black background Logo French Project Group colours on white background Logo French Project Group black on white monochrome Badge French Project Group - Black background Badge French Project Group - White background


RVB : #000000
CMJN : 0, 0, 0, 255
RVB : #080808
CMJN : 0, 0, 0, 247
RVB : #1F1F1F
CMJN : 0, 0, 0, 224
RVB : #26358B
CMJN : 185, 158, 0, 116
RVB : #ffffff
CMJN : 0, 0, 0, 0
RVB : #EF4135
CMJN : 0, 186, 198, 16

Character Font

Open Sans
Cartes de visite CD French Project Group


The webdesign has been designed to respect sobriety and clarity, while bringing a dark and nocturnal aspect thanks to the colours.
Reading is still facilitated by the text in light gray on dark gray, which avoids a too strong contrast (white on black) that would hinder the reading.
Open Sans is also ideal for reading on digital terminals, with its open and neutral forms.

The website is built with Wordpress, so the French Project Group can publish its posts on a blog, and also update the concert dates and content of the site.


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