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Kodawari Ramen

Webdesign • HTML/CSS

Kodawari Ramen is a Japanese ramen restaurant that offers a gustative and immersive experience. The first restaurant, Yokocho (Paris 6th) reproduces the atmosphere of a Japanese street of the 60s, while the second restaurant, Tsukiji (Paris 1st), plunges us into the famous Tokyo fish market of the same name.

The restaurant already had a logo, but wanted to redesign its site. The Parisian digital communication agency Le Doigt Sur Le Truc coordinated the entire project, including a professional photographer (Emma Jane Browne) who then sent me her pictures to produce the webdesign.

Visit Kodawari Ramen website.


We chose a light and streamlined typography (Work Sans), as well as a white background. This brings a sober and modern effect that contrasts with the rather dark clichés and the luxuriant immersive atmosphere of the restaurants, thus putting them in value.

The person responsible for updating the news of the site has a habit of working with WordPress and wanted to keep using this CMS. It turns out that WordPress was also quite appropriate to the project.

The site has the particularity of integrating texts in Japanese (for the dishes on the menu).
It was also important to keep a clear and understandable layout for the restaurant menu. So I favored a layout with Flexbox (CSS), to highlight the names of dishes, their descriptions, and their prices.

Ergonomic and responsive website

Kodawari Ramen site en ambiance Kodawari Ramen restaurant - zoom sur la carte Kodawari Ramen restaurant - zoom sur la carte tablette Kodawari Ramen sur tablette


  • Website built with HTML/CSS
  • Flexbox (CSS)
  • Japanese texts