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This illustration was made for the birth of a baby named Lilian.
It includes several symbolic elements and refers to things dear to his parents.

Graphical approach

This watercolour was made to be hung in the room of the future baby. The colours have been chosen to harmonise with the wallpaper of the room.

The illustration shows a newborn baby sleeping in a gnarled tree. The tree represents life, renewal, but also the passage from one generation to another thanks to the symbolism of the time needed for a tree to grow and give fruit in turn.
In addition, a tree was also featured on the parents' wedding invitation a year ago, which is a small nod to their journey as a couple and family.

A small creature in the tall grass represents a Chibi-Totoro (a character created by Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli), Totoro being a character much appreciated by the baby's parents and chosen as a theme for the decoration of his room.

Watercolor birth gift Lilian Lilian painting illustration baby