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Photomontage for a website

OceanoSomnia is a musical project by Guillaume Arnaud, musician composer and performer.
The album OceanoSomnia evokes, with its lyrics and cover, many themes related to the ocean. The idea was to create a wallpaper for the musician's website, evoking this world both aquatic and musical.

Graphical approach

The omnipresent aquatic universe in this project presented an ideal base for this photomontage.
I decided to photograph the musician's instruments to integrate them in this setting, both out of time and out of the usual environment of a musician.
The idea of having an amp at the bottom of the water is also offbeat: the sound is considerably stifled under water. This plants a setting both improbable and slightly dreamlike, but above all it moves the musician from his usual workplace to a point of view he adopts in his project: a vision from the ocean, a vast and little known world that we often forget.
Some elements of the photomontage directly echo the words of the album (including the whale, the rusty plate and its environmental message ...).

Photomontage OceanoSomnia