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Octopazz Quartet is a Jazz / Fusion oriented musical formation.
The musicians of Octopazz Quartet are professional and offer musical performances for public or private events.
As a result, they needed a showcase site to be able to approach individuals or professionals, present their activity, some photos and some songs and / or videos.

Visual identity & logo

The quartet wanted a graphic chart with warm and reassuring colours and a logo that represents their spirit.
The saxophone is their most distinctive instrument and often make an impression on the audience.
Moreover, it is an instrument strongly connoted jazz, which allows to affirm the type of music proposed by the group.
The name Octopazz Quartet also refers to jazz with its ending in "-azz", while reminding us the English pronunciation of "Octopus".
This fascinating animal reflects the desire of the band to appear as a jazz band, while maintaining an unconventional and offbeat side.
So I combined these two elements to develop the logo which is based on warm colours. The beige and brown tones convey a feeling of comfort and security, while the orange brings a dynamic and active aspect.


Logo Octopazz Quartet in colours Logo Octopazz Quartet black on white Logo Octopazz Quartet white on black


RVB : #393027
CMJN : 0, 40, 81, 198
CMJN : 0, 6, 36, 54
CMJN : 0, 7, 36, 45
RVB : #DD5B22
CMJN : 0, 150, 216, 34

Character Font

Bebas Neue + Josefin Sans Flyer Octopazz Quartet
Cartes de visite Logo Octopazz Quartet


The webdesign is based on the visual identity defined above: warm colours and a layout that brings a personal touch without being too extravagant.
The site has been built in HTML5, CSS3, then developed in PHP by myself for the basic features (navigation, layout).

For the more advanced features developed in PHP and Javascript (audio / video player), the drummer of the group is also a developer, so it was decided from the beginning that he would take care of the development for these elements.
It is also for this reason that no CMS has been set up as he has the necessary knowledge to update the website without going through an interface.


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