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Pelote de mots (Ball of words)


The association "Brouillon d'Ecriture" brings together a community of young amateur authors and allows them to publish their texts online and to collect the opinions, criticisms and encouragements of the community.
Once a year, a selection committee chooses several works in order to publish them in a collection.
The illustration below was made as part as a call for proposals for a cover book for a collection called Pelote de mots (Ball of words).

Graphical approach

Before starting to work on this illustration I went through the publications of Brouillon d'Ecriture, to immerse myself in the spirit of the texts.
Most of them evoked a world dreamlike, even surreal, and a great place was given to poems.
Digital acrylic allows a certain softness and makes a cozy atmosphere, peculiar to writing and reading.

Cover book Pelote de mots Sketching Pelote de mots