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SEAir is a company specialised in research, innovation and conception of foils for boats. The company has a design office and workshops in Lorient (Brittany, France).

SEAir had a website that was not adapted to his needs and wanted to refresh his image on the web.
The Parisian digital communication agency Le Doigt Sur Le Truc coordinated the project.

Graphical approach

SEAir already had a well-defined logotype and yellow colour. I had to build their digital image around these two elements that they wished to keep.
In yachting yellow is associated with the security elements, this colour is therefore reassuring. Nevertheless it is a very flashy shade to use with caution and parsimony. The webdesign was built around rather neutral hues: anthracite, black, sometimes light gray, favoring the dark gray that reminds the colour of the composite material used to make the foils.
The yellow is kept for small graphic elements, generally used with fine and elegant lines: hover elements in the menu and some buttons for example. Yellow is also used in geometric shapes, associated with grayscale photos as background for some parts of the webfsite.


RVB : #202121
CMJN : 73, 66, 65, 73
RVB : #333333
CMJN : 69, 63, 62, 58
RVB : #ffff00
CMJN : 6, 0, 97, 0

Character font

Abel typeface


It was agreed to develop the site on Wordpress because the content and news manager was already comfortable with this CMS.
Together with the SEAir team and the project manager at Le Doigt Sur Le Truc, we have been thinking about a new arobrescence and a clearer and more ergonomic organisation of information.
Real substantive work was done to identify and highlight the strong points of SEAir.

As the content was quite technical, we decided to lighten the layout with visuals, and highlight some features with boxes and pictograms.
Small, light and subtle animations (in CSS3) bring depth and a modern look to the site.

A technical but welcoming website

SEAir on mac Screenshot SEAir SEAir Webdesign screenshot