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Siljan is a progressive metal band. The group draws its influences from the Swedish music scene and many pieces have been thought and inspired during travels in Sweden. The name of the group refers directly to it and the visual identity naturally followed the same path.

Regarding the visual identity, the bias of the group was to move away from the usual aesthetic standards of metal, often luxuriant, even sometimes caricatural.
So we chose a clean and simple style, a light typography, and a logotype that has character but remains very simple and sober.

Visit Siljan website.

Visual identity & logotype

The logotype is deliberately simple and effective: it takes the name of the group with a sober but elegant typography (Ailerons). Some curves subtly add character to the group name.
The colours (white or black) can be used indifferently and depending on the background on which the logotype is used.

The blue-green colour present on the website allows to bring a little depth and dynamizes the whole. It evokes the aquatic environment, reminding the swedish lake Siljan at the origin of the name of the group.
It is also a photo of the same lake that I made for the cover of the first album and for the main image of the website.


Logo Siljan black background Logo Siljan white background Logo Siljan lake


RVB : ##3DC9B3
CMJN : 64, 0, 39, 0
RVB : #ffffff
CMJN : 0, 0, 0, 0

Character font

Varela Round
Siljan first album Presentation brochure Siljan


The Siljan group needed a website to improve their visibility and to offer in a single page a summary of their activities as well as multimedia material (photos, audio player, videos ...)
The appearance should be sober and elegant, and the presentation as clear as possible. There is a dominant of white, mixed with light gray, to subtly structure the site in several parts. The blue-green is used sparingly: mainly for the buttons, some pictograms and hover elements.

The site is responsive to adapt to tablets and mobile devices.
The choice to use a static site in HTML / CSS is motivated by a desire for lightness and technical simplicity (no CMS, no database). In addition, the group wanted to let me update the content, which poses no problem in this respect.

Visit the Siljan website.

Responsive with Bootstrap framework

Siljan sur Macbook et i-pad Siljan sur mobile


  • Website built with HTML/CSS
  • Responsive theme with Boostrap Framework
  • Image gallery (with category filters) and audio player