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The sewing workshop

Digital illustration

The sewing workshop is an illustration made for the website of a fashion designer.
The illustration forms a sprite image made in CSS, and has an animated menu function on the website's homepage.

Graphical approach

Sylvie Michel-Dange is fashion-designer in Limousin (France). Her activity was varied, she wanted the user to discover its various facets from the home page of its website.
The sewer wanted an illustration representing her sewing workshop and staging her different instruments, each corresponding to one of her activities.
The atmosphere she wanted to put forward was a vintage workshop, representative of the costumes and techniques she uses (natural dyes, spinning wool on the wheel, making historical costumes with the same techniques that at the time, etc.)

So I chose, in consultation with her, to stage "old" objects: an old Singer, a wrought iron mannequin, an old telephone, a wooden spinning wheel ... The objects change state while hovered, which corresponds to a simultaneous change of state in the horizontal menu of the website.

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